The Voyage of Garbhglas (2010)

Part of a cycle of works inspired by early Irish faerie lore along with 6th and 7th century Irish adventure tales known as Immrama (“rowings about" or voyaging) in which saints, heroes, or troubled men are often set adrift in boats with no oars and encounter strange, uncharted magical lands with curious inhabitants, The Voyage of Garbhglas is a work created for performances at the Irish Hunger Memorial exploring themes of exposure, isolation, and emigration from the perspective of ancient folk memory. The work, set to original music by Gregory Spears with costumes by Carol Binion, Ciera Wells, and Christopher Williams, was commissioned for Lower Manhattan Cultural Council's Sitelines Series, and premièred at the Irish Hunger Memorial from August 2nd-5th, 2010.

Original Cast:

Michael Ingle

Kira Blazek Ziaii, Ursula Eagly, & Caitlin Scranton

Moses Kaplan, Sydney Skybetter, & Adrew Smith

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