Quincunx (2019)


Quincunx is a dance for film with puppets created for visual artist Brice Brown's installation A Thing Attains a Life (2019) in the Léon Bakst Theater at the Evergreen Museum in Baltimore inspired by our capacity for pareidolia (or the psychological phenomenon that causes people to see patterns in random stimuli) and various ancient forms of divination (through the observation of birds, entrails, bones, etcetera). The work, viewed on a matrix of screens in the installation, unfolds in as a kind of shamanic vision witnessing a microcosm of our planet’s history of from its elemental inception through the ages of zoomorphic beings, the rise of humankind, and its potential downfall.


*Video simulation of installation.

Original Cast:
Christiana Axelsen, Janet Charleston, Quinlan Corbett, Sam Jay Gold, Takemi Kitamura, & Elise Knudson 

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