Narcissus (work-in-progress)

Narcissus is an original, evening-length ballet set to Nikolai Tcherepnin's score Narcisse et Echo composed in 1911 for the Ballets Russes. The work, featuring costume and set designs by Andrew Jordan as well as lighting by Joe Levasseur, incorporates themes of the eponymous Greek myth on which it is based to re-envision the original ballet through a contemporary queer lens. The work was commissioned by New York Live Arts.

Rotoscoped animation by Andrew Jordan.

Rotoscoped animation by Andrew Jordan.

Original Cast:

NARCISSUS (a Boeotian youth): 
Cemiyon Barber & Taylor Stanley

ECHO (a mountain nymph):
Joshua Harriette

OREADS (a tribe of mountain nymphs):
Casey Hess, Gildas Lemmonier, Alexander Olivieri, Logan Pedon, & Mac Twining

BACCHANTES (Boeotian seers): 
Christiana Axelsen, Breckyn Drescher, & Caitlin Scranton

BOEOTIANS (tribespeople of Boeotia): 
Janet Charleston, Alan Good, Shayla-Vie Jenkins, Justin Lynch, & Jake Montanaro 

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