Les Sylphides (2022)

Set to the same selections of Frédéric Chopin's music orchestrated for the eponymous 1909 Ballets Russes production choreographed by Fokine, Les Sylphides is a queer reimagining of the original ballet for male-identifying dancers. Contrary to its historic liberation from story as the first non-narrative ballet blanc, the work is intentionally infused with a hint of narrative in which the young poet is intercepted and spirited away by what I imagine to be a tribe of faeries in a more contemporary sense of the term (loosely inspired by the “radical faeries”) whom I imagine to have spent so much time in the wild away from human society, that they have evolved insect-like attributes. The work, with costumes designs by Andrew Jordan and lighting design by Joe Levasseur, was commissioned by The Joyce Theater, where it premièred from June 28th-July 3rd, 2022.

Original Cast:
Mac Twining
(a woodland faerie)
Taylor Stanley

(a tribe of woodland faeries)
Cemiyon Barber, Charles Gowin, Casey Hess, Justin Lynch, Alexander Olivieri,
Logan Pedon, Ned Sturgis, & Carlo Antonio Villanueva


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