Hen′s Teeth (2010)

Inspired by the mysterious “flying women" found in a Breton fairytale preserved by 19th century folklorist François-Marie Luzel, the Graeae (or three swan-like crones of ancient Greek myth who share only one eye and one tooth between them), and imagery associated with the display of holy relics in the middle ages, Hen's Teeth is an evening-length work for three middle-aged women, seven younger women, and one man set to original music by Gregory Spears in the form of a Requiem mass sung in Breton and Latin by members of Lionheart and Anonymous 4. The work, with costumes by Andrew Jordan, Carol Binion, and Christopher Williams, and lighting by Amanda K. Ringger, premièred at Dance New Amsterdam from May 3rd-6th, 2010.

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Hen's Teeth

Original Cast:

Adam Weinert

Kira Blazek Ziaii, Ursula Eagly, Jennifer Lafferty, Emily Stone, Storme Sundberg, & Hope Youngblood

Joan Arnold, Grazia Della-Terza, & Alison Granucci

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