Augury of Ages (2019)

Inspired by the human capacity for pareidolia (or the psychological phenomenon of seeing patterns in random stimuli) and various ancient forms of divination (through the observation of birds, entrails, bones, etcetera), Augury of Ages is a dance with abstract puppet forms presenting a kind of shamanic vision of a microcosm of our planet’s history from its elemental inception through the ages of zoomorphic beings, the rise of humankind, and its eventual downfall. The piece, with puppets by Sherry harper-McCombs, sound design by Paul Botelho & David Griffin, and lighting by Kent Barrett, was commissioned by Dickinson College and premièred there from November 22nd-24th, 2019.

Original Cast: 
Rylee Beam, Josh Bennett, Jadyn Brick, Espoir Delmaine, & Erlyn Garcia

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