Andromeda Redeemer (2014)

Conceived of as an encounter in which a lone astronaut becomes a martyr to science when she interrupts a sacred ritual of the inhabitants of a distant planet in the Andromeda Galaxy, Andromeda Redeemer is a work for 12 female dancers set to Meredith Monk's Astronaut Anthem sung by the Dickinson College Choir. The piece, featuring costumes by Andrew Jordan and Sherry Harper-McCombs and lighting by Jay Ryan, was commissioned by Dickinson College, and premièred there from Novemebr 21st-23rd, 2014.

Andromeda Redeemer

Original Cast:

Katie Roy

Margot Abrahams, Colleen Brandt, Natalie Ferris, Kathleen Getaz, Meredith Johnson, Christine Merolla, Stina Niemann, A. V. Putri, Megan Robitaille, Abbie Stasior, & Leigh Tracey

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